Family Life

I’m baaaaack…


After a way too long haitus I am back! I have been itching to write again for awhile, but partly afraid to actually dive into this site and mainly EXHAUSTED. The second part of my excuse is valid, as I went off and had another baby. Yes, I kind of just keep doing that.  Here I am heading to the hospital to meet our new baby. IMG_8704

Baby ‘a’ bounced into our lives back in August and we have been off to the races ever since.  3 is no joke, and I have been feeling it. Between the children, and adapting to a plant based diet (more on that to come), and well, just living and breathing I am pretty spent.

Now that I have found a bit of a groove I look forward to sharing with you the changes that I have made in the progression of mother of 1 to mother of 3, and where we are at in this journey of life. I don’t feel like we have made any 180’s on decisions (yet) from m, down the line to baby a, but I have made adjustments. And now more than ever, I find myself struggling to find my stride, and keeping the balance between eco-friendly efforts, my goals to live a simple life, and not driving myself mad.

Let me know if there are areas that you are interested in and I will try to hit those points.