Summer is over


Our first summer break from school is officially over. It was a whirlwind. I cried on the last day of school. I questioned why our preschool doesn’t offer a summer program, and then I lived summer with my kids and I got it. We didn’t have any big trips. We hung around Southern California and I was a total soccer mom. I (sadly) drove my car more in those 10 weeks than I did collectively in the rest of the year, but that was OK. (I mainly get around with the kids on foot in the stroller, or on bikes).

We filled our days with trips to the park, a couple of museums, beach days (my fav), gardening, and barbecuing. This is what summer was meant to be. We ate way too much water melon, took naps, and got to watch dolphins dine and frolic off of the shore, while we did the same on the sand. This is what our preschool director wanted us to get.

I had grand plans of camp all day…until I found out that most places she had to be 4. But it all worked out better than I had hoped. We had a fabulous group of families from school who coordinated a rotating schedule of activities for the kids to join whenever we were available. Park days Monday, museum Tuesdays, beach days Wednesdays…The kids loved being able to stay connected with their peers and we had a fun group of parents to share the days with. It gave both the kids and the grown ups something to look forward to without a firm commitment.

The whole summer had the feel of my childhood, which I adore. The kids weren’t able to run wild and free, but they had freedom, and as parents we had our village. It makes such a big difference to be able to tag in another mama so that I could take one kid to the bathroom without juggling the other. (A luxury you can appreciate even if you have one child…imagine being able to use the restroom sans child without worrying about your munchkin :)). I am so grateful that we were too young for camp and that our school didn’t offer a summer program. I can’t imagine having missed all those moments with m. Not to mention the moments m and j were able to share.

So, sorry for my unscheduled hiatus from posting. Life happened, and it was beautiful. Excited to be back at it!